Cremation Without Ceremony

What is it, and is it the right choice?

Rising in popularity over the last few years is the funeral choice known as Direct Cremation, or as we call it, Cremation Without Ceremony.

What is it?

A Cremation Without Ceremony is different from a traditional funeral in that there’s no funeral service to attend and so the cremation takes place with no mourners present. The family can then decide whether they want the ashes to be scattered at the garden of remembrance or returned to them.

Why do people choose it?

There are many different reasons why people might choose a Cremation Without Ceremony. One of the most common reasons is that it’s what their loved one wanted, and so it is the perfect choice for them. For others it might be that they want to mourn their loved one in a place other than a church or crematorium, and this gives them the freedom to have a separate remembrance or gathering in a place of their choosing. Some find that the practical constraints of having a traditional funeral too hard to overcome, for instance if family live abroad.

Is it right for you?

Because Cremation Without Ceremony isn’t a traditional funeral, there are things that aren’t included that might be important to you, and so it’s worth thinking about these. For example, visiting your loved one in the chapel of rest is not possible, and so if this is something you want, a traditional funeral might be a better choice for you.

It’s important to note that even though Cremation Without Ceremony costs less than a traditional funeral, your loved one still receives the highest standard of care and is treated with the upmost respect. We don’t have hidden costs for you to consider, so you’ll know the price from the beginning of making the arrangements.

Find out more about Cremation Without Ceremony here or watch our animation below.


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