Co-op Commitment

Our commitment to guaranteeing your funeral costs

Having a funeral plan is a great way of protecting your loved ones from rising funeral costs, by paying for your funeral at today’s prices.

But what happens if you’re in the middle of paying for a funeral plan and the unthinkable happens? Sadly, your family are left with the financial burden of paying the balance. The exact thing you were trying to prevent by taking out the plan in the first place.

We didn’t think this was fair so last year we introduced our completely unique, Co-op Commitment.

What is the Co-op Commitment?

With our funeral plans you have 3 different payment options. You can pay in one single payment, pay over 6 or 12 months, or you can spread the cost over 2-25 years. If you choose the 2-25 year option then the Co-op Commitment applies to you.

If you pass away after the first 12 months of paying your plan, as long as your instalments have all been up to date, we will still provide all the services provided in your plan, with no more for your family to pay. This means that you can take a plan out over 25 years, but don’t have to worry about what would happen if you died before you had finished paying.

Unlike others, our funeral plans are fully guaranteed, and now with the Co-op Commitment, you can rest assured that your funeral will be paid for, and your family will not pay a penny more.

You can find more details and full terms and conditions here.

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Press Officer