Avoiding Important Conversations

Regrets over not having the most important conversations.

More than 11.5m Brits regret not having one of the most important conversations of their lives.

Our research shows more than half of UK adults (54%) admit to avoiding difficult conversations.  It’s entirely understandable. But however hard those conversations are, our findings show that more than a fifth of us (22%) – over 11.5 million Brits – regret not having a conversation about death and dying with a loved one who has since passed away.*

So those who are left behind might not be aware of any specific requests you might have for your funeral or even if you’ve made provisions to pay for it, so they don’t have to worry about the financial burden at an emotional time. 6 in 10 (rising to 8 in 10 among the over-55s) of us have thought about how our own funeral might be paid for. But the majority of us tend to fall into the trap of assuming that the money will come from our estate. (YouGov, funeral planning 2016 p13-14)


When it comes to the cost of funerals, there are various factors at play.  In 2016, the total average cost of a Co-op funeral was £3,882.  That figure includes our fees as well as third party fees (essential services delivered by others that we will manage on your behalf). The average cost of a funeral last year, excluding third party costs was £2,827. However the final cost could vary depending on the choices you make and where in the UK the funeral is to be conducted.

If cost is a motivating factor, you could opt for our lowest price funeral - our Simple Funeral - at £1,995 (excluding third party costs). A simple, lower-cost funeral option with the comfort of knowing that quality isn’t compromised, as we guarantee to provide our usual outstanding levels of care and standards for your loved one.

If you’re ready, we can help you start that difficult conversation with your loved ones.  Click here for our top tips on how to approach the conversation with them. And if you haven’t yet thought about what it is you want for your funeral and don’t know where to start, click here.
*Research conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of Co-op Funeralcare with 2,000 UK adults in June 2017.

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