Church of England Funeral

The Church of England’s overarching message is one of hope. Although there is sadness because someone you know and love has died, in every Church of England funeral there will also be a message of hope in life after death.

A Church of England funeral can be made as personal as you would like. You can choose the hymns, the readings, and the words that are spoken. You are allowed to decorate as you wish and if you wish to theme the funeral you may.

You may want to speak to the vicar of the church you wish to use directly, so you can work out all of the details yourself. Or you can leave it in the capable hands of our funeral directors who will convey what you need to the Church.

You can also arrange to have a Church of England funeral at a crematorium. Again, you can choose every element of the day so you have the funeral you want. Another option is a green or woodland burial – a Church of England ceremony can be held for these too.

To discuss a Church of England funeral, please talk to our dedicated funeral team who will be able to help further.