Funeral Payments from the Social Fund

Funeral Payments from the Social Fund is a scheme run by the government to support people on a low income with essential expenses.

The payment is recoverable from your loved one’s estate, if they’ve left one.

 How do I know whether I'm eligible?

You may be eligible for a Funeral Payment from the Social Fund if you:

  • Are responsible for the funeral
  • Already receive certain benefits or tax credits
  • Meet the criteria regarding your relationship with the deceased
  • Claim within the date of death and up to 3 months after the date of the funeral
What financial support will this offer?

The Funeral Payment from the Social Fund can help pay for:

  • Burial fees and exclusive rights to a burial at your chosen plot
  • Cremation fees, including the cost of the doctor’s certificate
  • Up to £700 for funeral expenses, for example - funeral director’s fees, flowers and the coffin
  • Travel costs for the funeral arrangements and/or the funeral itself
  • The costs of moving the body more than 50 miles (within the UK)

The average payment made is £1,200 - £1,300

Please note: Payments may be affected by a Pre-paid Funeral Plan.

For further  information or to apply visit: