Our ethical strategy

Keeping communities thriving
We recognise that supporting the communities we serve is a crucial role for The Co-op Funeralcare. We made a commitment in 2014 to offer additional support to our communities through a variety of initiatives and here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

  • We’ve supported bereaved children in our communities
  • We’ve developed valuable links with the local communities we serve
  • We have helped to get children home from school safely
  • We’ve supported our servicemen and women
  • We have supported The Co-op Charity of the Year

Leading the way in funerals
The Co-op Funeralcare has long recognised that a funeral which reflects the life, character and achievements of an individual brings significant emotional comfort to those left behind. That’s why, in 2014, we continued our commitment to provide even more choice in funeral arrangements.

We have put significant resources behind the development of Resomation
A new alternative to cremation, Resomation has a number of environmental benefits including a reduction in the amount of energy needed in comparison to cremation and a carbon footprint which is 35% less than cremation.

We’ve created new bee habitats within our Woodland Burial Grounds
As part of The Co-op’s Plan Bee campaign to reverse the decline of UK bee and pollinator populations, we have created 10 acres of wildflower meadows at our three woodland burial grounds at Poole & Wimborne and Hinton Park in Dorset, and Mayfields Rememberance Park in the Wirral, Merseyside.

Tackling global poverty
We strive to make a difference globally, helping those who live in the Third World through ethical trade and co-operative support.

Woman holding a basket behind her back

We are building fair and sustainable relationships with out suppliers
To ensure that the workers are treated responsibly and ethically, we developed a Sound Sourcing Code of Conduct and continue to work with suppliers to secure decent working conditions throughout our supply chain.

We only supply Fairtrade Tea and Coffee in our funeral homes
The Co-op was the first major retailer to champion Fairtrade, pioneering the sale of fairly traded goods before the Fairtrade mark was introduced. As part of this effort The Co-op Funeralcare offers only Fairtrade Tea and coffee in every one of our.

Our People
At The Co-op Funeralcare, we understand that young people are our future and we are committed to offering real world opportunities that give a diverse range of people a first step into the world of professional work.

Apprentice Keighley

We’ve helped people gain quality work experience
We introduced the funeral industry’s first national apprenticeship scheme in 2013, and in 2014 we welcomed 399 new apprentices on board.

Working with Mencap
Through our partnership with Mencap (our 2011 Charity of the Year) and their Employ Me initiative, The Co-op is helping people with learning disabilities to develop new skills through permanent jobs. In 2014, we took part in the Learning Disabilities Work Experience Week, which aimed to provide opportunities for people with a learning disability to develop employment skills.

Our Achievements
There are few occasions in life that remind us of the importance of a family more than a funeral. It’s a time when young and old come together in mutual support. Funerals remind us all of what we owe to previous generations and what we owe to the next.

At The Co-op Funeralcare we take our commitment to present and future generations very seriously. That’s why last year, in line with The Co-op’s Ethical Plan, we established our Ethical Strategy. This strategy sets out how social and environmental issues such as climate change, global poverty, and community involvement are managed in the day-to-day running of our business.

The report summarises our achievements so far and we are delighted with how far we’ve come. Our Ethical Strategy is an integral part of our business and we intend to continue to focus our efforts in the future.

Protecting the environment
We recognise that the Earth’s resources are limited and that businesses must play a part in reducing their impact on the environment in order to protect it for future generations. That’s why The Co-op aims to be among the world’s most environmentally responsible businesses. Here’’s what we’ve achieved so far:

  • We have committed to being carbon neutral
  • We’ve invested more in renewable energy
  • We’ve helped protect the world’s forests by using FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified wood in the production of our coffins