Environmental considerations

Leading the way

Funerals remind us all of what we owe to previous generations and what we owe to the next, and we are proud to have pioneered several initiatives to make our funerals more sustainable.

Eco-friendly coffins
The Co-op Funeralcare has increased the proportion of coffins we manufacture from FSC® certified wood to 97%. We remain committed to making the remaining 6% certified to credible standards in the near future.

Fairtrade coffins
The Co-op Funeralcare are working in partnership with our existing suppliers and Traidcraft – the UK’s leading independent fair trade organisation – to provide fairly-traded bamboo and willow coffins. The coffins are manufactured in Bangladesh, where the raw materials are grown. Local people directly benefit from the endorsed fairly-traded product through decent working conditions, and payment of a fair price.

Carbon neutral
In 2011 The Co-op Funeralcare became the first UK-wide carbon-neutral Funeral Director. We did this by significantly reducing our carbon emissions and offsetting any remaining operational greenhouse gases through specially funded projects.

Renewable energy
The Co-op Funeralcare purchases electricity from renewable sources. In 2011 we purchased 17.7 GWh of renewable electricity, which avoided emitting approximately 9,250 tonnes of carbon dioxide; enough to fill Wembley Stadium four times over.

Burials and bees
As part of The Co-op’s Plan Bee campaign to reverse the decline of UK bee and pollinator populations, we have created 10 acres of wildflower meadows at our three woodland burial grounds.

Pioneering new methods A new alternative to cremation, Resomation® has a number of environmental benefits including a reduction in the amount of energy needed in comparison to cremation and a carbon footprint which is 35% less than cremation.