Silver Funeral Plan

Our Silver Funeral Plan is available at £3,750 (£3,650 if purchased online), with a range of different payment options available to suit everyone and every budget.

What's included in our Silver Funeral Plan?

  • Provision of all Funeral Directors services to make the funeral arrangements

  • Caring for the deceased, including the use of a private chapel of rest (Embalming not included)
  • A fully lined and fitted quality wood effect coffin such as Cherry or Rosewood
  • Hearse and personnel required for the funeral
  • One limousine
  • 24-hour transfer of the deceased to a suitable resting place
    within the UK (within a 50-mile radius)
  • Arranging the funeral service (at a local cemetery, churchyard, graveyard or crematorium) 
  • Mutal agreement on the time and date of the funeral
  • Visit to the chapel of rest at any time
  • Funeral procession from home/funeral home/church to crematorium/churchyard/graveyard/cemetery, with client flexibility to choose route
  • Provision on advice on all matters related to the funeral
  • 24-hour transfer of deceased to a suitable resting place within the UK (within a 50 mile radius) Bereavement assistance via professional organisations
  • Cremation fees at a local crematorium
  • Fees payable for cremation document and doctors' fees
  • Minister or Officant's fee to perform to perform the service at the crematorium

What’s not included?

  • None of our Plans include the cost of buying a grave
  • Embalming not included

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