Memorials Masonry

Our experienced craftsmen design and prepare memorials ensuring the highest quality in their finished work. The skill of our stonemasons is not limited to what you see on this website. If there is a memorial that you would like, which isn’t featured in this brochure, we will be happy to check if our masons can produce it for you.

More about Memorial Masonry

To discuss your exact memorial requirements you should talk with your local Funeral Director.

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  • hand_carved_rose_design_295x165_coop.jpg

    Bespoke hand-carved rose design

    Dark grey honed granite gothic shaped memorial with bespoke hand-carved rose design.

  • carved_floral_spray_295x165_coop.jpg

    Carved floral spray

    Black polished granite memorial with carved floral spray.

  • carved_orchid_on_memorial_and_base_295x165_coop.jpg

    Carved orchid

    Aurora polished granite shaped memorial with carved orchid on memorial and base.

  • Carved_praying_hands_295x165_coop.jpg

    Carved praying hands

    Black polished granite memorial with carved praying hands.

  • CH01_295x165_coop.jpg


    Teddy bear memorial holding black polished granite heart.

  • CH02_295x165_coop.jpg


    Heart shaped star galaxy polished granite memorial with carved rose design.

Showing 1-6 of 57 results

1 2 ... 10