Achievements, regrets and bucket lists

 Longer life expectancy means that life for those in their fifties has increasingly become the mid-life with a great deal still to achieve.

From sky diving at 75 to meeting the love of our lives and finally travelling the world, longer life expectancy means that life in our fifties has increasingly become the mid-life with a great deal still to achieve as we head into our sixties, seventies and beyond.

At the turning point of our lives, an in depth study of UK adults aged 50 plus discovers that attitudes to this time of life vary vastly with age.

Our findings highlight that for some reaching the goal of retirement is a struggle. The challenge of supporting family, clearing debts and saving for the future has delayed a fifth from meeting their retirement dreams. For others, the decision not to retire is a lifestyle choice with work viewed as a
way of keeping young and staying connected to communities and friends.

Beyond retirement, this report questions whether the later stages of adults lives can still be viewed as the “Golden Years” and asks what contentment means for the over-50 generation today. Clue - with just 15% saying their retirement is as they expected – it’s definitely not all allotments, knitting and
babysitting the grandkids.

Life over 50 - Happiness tracker

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