My Promise

My Promise is a promise that we make to each other as colleagues and team members, as managers and leaders - whoever we are, whatever our role, wherever we work.

At The Co-op Funeralcare, we recognise the impact we have on each other, so in our work places, across our organsisation, we encourage behaviour that helps us to deliver Our Promise. Working together to make Funeralcare a great place to work.

We only make realistic promises we can keep and we deliver Our Promise with a degree of commercial realism that balances our requirement to make a sustainable profit.

We co-operate well across the business, actively engaging with our peers, we show a genuine interest in learning  from each other and share best practice.

We are open and honest in our communication; we listen, converse and co-operate in order to engage, align and encorage the behaviours we want.  We treat each other as equals and hold each other to account for our actions.

We look to deliver positive feedback at every opportunity and tackle developmental  feedback in an impactful, timely and professional way

We take accountability for our own development and consider it a personal priority to continually improve ourselves and the way in which we deliver Our Promise.

We lead as well as manage. We coach each other as a way of encouraging and changing performance or behaviour and we applaud people who go the extra mile and take considered risks in order to deliver outstanding and spectacular client service.